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Darol Anger & Mike Marshall

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Darol Anger & Mike Marshall - The Duo [Rounder Records 0168] (1983)

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Darol Anger & Mike Marshall


The Duo

Released: 1983
Label: Rounder Records
Catalog: 0168
Country: USA
Genre: Jazz, New Age, Contemporary

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Rotagilla
02 Lime Rock
03 Children's Song # 6
04 Golden Slippers
05 N.K.F.
06 Wall Of Mando Madness
07 Donna Lee
08 Free D
09 Bach Partita #3 In E Major For Solo Violin
10 It's Dark
11 Gator's Dream
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Album Review

Linda Kohanov []

Darol Anger and Mike Marshall were snatched up by Windham Hill soon after this early Rounder release, which offers a look at the duo's stylistic development.

Darol Anger & Mike Marshall's Biography

Steve Huey []

Violinist Darol Anger has made his mark on new acoustic music with a number of different groups. From 1975-1984, Anger was a key member of the pioneering David Grisman Quintet, whose blend of folk, bluegrass, and jazz virtually defined the new acoustic genre, as well as advancing the harmonic and instrumental frontiers of traditional musics; as a member of the Turtle Island String Quartet in the late '80s and early '90s, Anger also helped bring virtuosic improvisation and boundless eclecticism to what had been an essentially classical, strictly composed musical format. Additionally, Anger co-founded the Montreux Band, a folk- and jazz-influenced group that recorded for Windham Hill in the mid- to late '80s and had an impact on the formation of so-called new adult contemporary (NAC) radio, and with Grisman alumnus Mike Marshall founded the progressive bluegrass outfit Psychograss, which carried on the eclectic Grisman tradition in the 1990s. Again teaming up with Marshall in the late '90s, Anger co-founded the Anger/Marshall Band, which kept him busy into the 2000s alongside his work on the Heritage Folk Music project, his continued appearances with his previous groups, his founding of the American Fiddle Ensemble, and his work as a producer and arranger for other artists.
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