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Dalis Car

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Dalis Car - The Waking Hour [Paradox Records DOXLP1] (November 1984)

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Dalis Car


The Waking Hour

Released: November 1984
Label: Paradox Records
Catalog: DOXLP1
Genre: Electronic Rock

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Dalis Car
02 His Box
03 Cornwall Stone
04 Artemis
05 Create And Melt
06 Moonlife
07 The Judgement Is The Mirror
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Album Review

Ned Raggett []

Either a temporary project, a promising alliance that fell apart, or a waste of time -- Dalis Car and its sole effort isn't something easily agreed upon, even by longtime fans of both Peter Murphy and Mick Karn. Even its original appearance was fraught with doubt given that the two were signed to separate record companies, resulting in the creation of a wholly new label just to get it in print (Beggars Banquet has since taken over full pressing on its own). While on the one hand Waking Hour is pretty much the sum of its parts -- Murphy's dramatic, edgy singing style and Karn's fluid, immediately recognizable fretless bass and other instruments, plus percussion from Paul Lawford -- there was enough variety going on to set it apart enough from the legacies of both Bauhaus and Japan. On the one hand, the band's music feels a little harsher and more electronic than the flowing arrangements of late Japan, no doubt accentuated by the electronic drums in place of Steve Jansen's work. Similarly, the production feels a bit hollower -- not quite demo level, but a little more straightforward all around, occasional fripperies like the exotic synth line on ''His Box'' aside. Meanwhile, Murphy avoids the more torturous roars and screams of his most extreme work in Bauhaus -- it's still recognizably him at 50 paces off, but everything feels a touch gentler and more meditative. He indulges in his usual cryptic images, admittedly -- quite what ''Dalis Car'' itself is meant to be is unclear -- but as is so often the case, his all-around performance is what counts the most. If nothing else, points for credit for the cover art: a lovely reproduction of the famed Maxfield Parrish painting Daybreak.

Dalis Car's Biography

Craig Harris []

Dalis Car were doomed almost from the start. A seemingly good idea when first suggested to former Bauhaus vocalist/lyricist Peter Murphy that he collaborate with ex-Japan bassist/composer Mick Karn, the group nearly self-destructed before it was disbanded. Their sole album, The Waking Hour, released in 1984, came in more than 20,000 ($30,000) over the 40,000 ($60,000) budget given them by Virgin and Beggars Banquet. A commercial failure, the album produced one equally disappointing single, ''The Judgement Is the Mirror.'' Things seemed fine when Murphy and Karn began their collaboration. Initially working with four-track tapes that they sent back and forth, they wrote most of the songs before they came together in the studio. Once there, however, they clashed, and when the project was completed, neither wanted to work together again. ''It was a particularly difficult project,'' Karn said in a late-'90s interview. ''We were two very different people.''
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