Chet Atkins - The Guitar Genius [RCA/Camden Records CAS-753] (1963)

Dynamic Range Released: 1963
Country: US
Label: RCA/Camden Records
Catalog: CAS-753
Genre: Country / Pop

Item# SR-RCCAS753
Ratings: C=VG-; LP=VG-

Note: Stereo LP in Mono Jacket [not as pictured]

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Heartbreak Hotel
02 Swanee River
03 Blackjack
04 I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time
05 Daar's 'N Wind Wat Waai
06 It's Now Or Never
07 Out Of Nowhere
08 Hidden Charm
09 Even Tho'
10 When Day Is Done

The Guitar Genius
Chet Atkins

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Album Review

Bruce Eder []

The Guitar Genius is one strange album -- good, but strange -- beginning with its title. Of course there's plenty of guitar here, but there's also a surprising number of pieces that rely on vocals. It opens up with Chet Atkins' delightfully bluesy instrumental rendition of ''Heartbreak Hotel,'' a song on whose original recording session with Elvis Presley he played -- he adds enough wrinkles of his own to it to make it work as an instrumental. From there, however, this album is somewhat of a very mixed stylistic bag, proceeding with a pop-style rendition (complete with vocal, and dizzying string pyrotechnics) of ''Swanee River''; a sound effects- and vocal-laden rendition of ''Blackjack'' is more distracting than anything else, despite the high standard of playing -- much better is ''I'll Be with You in Apple Blossom Time,'' which forces a vocal (albeit a very tasteful one) on you for part of its length but gives you enough solo guitar to impress; ''Out of Nowhere'' is patterned similarly, but ''It's Now or Never'' is purely instrumental.