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Buggles - Adventures In Modern Recording [Carrere Records ARZ 37926] (1981)

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Adventures In Modern Recording

Released: 1981
Label: Carrere Records
Catalog: ARZ 37926
Country: USA
Pressing: Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Terre Haute
Genre: Rock, Pop, Prog Rock

Matrix / Runout (Side A):
P AL 37926-1C TI (etched) COLUMBIA NY

Matrix / Runout (Side B):
P BL 37926-1D TI (etched) COLUMBIA NY
T R A C K L I S T:
01 Adventures In Modern Recording
02 Beatnik
03 Vermillion Sands
04 I Am A Camera
05 On TV
06 Inner City
07 Lenny
08 Rainbow Warrior
09 Adventures In Modern Recording (Reprise)
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Album Review

Jeri Montesano []

It wasn't surprising that the Buggles' second release, Adventures in Modern Recording, didn't meet the expectations that 1980's internationally successful The Age of Plastic set. Both Horn and Downes had been working on several outside projects, including Yes' 1980 release Drama, which severely limited their time, and for the most part, Adventures was a Trevor Horn solo project; Geoff Downes only appears on three tracks. However, many of the criticisms leveled against this outing were unfounded and there is still much to like; several songs, such as the infectious title track, equal The Age of Plastic. Both ''Adventures in Modern Recording'' and ''Inner City,'' with its lush arrangement and engrossing melody, show off Horn's remarkable production savvy. Horn and Downes collaborations like the sultry ''Vermillion Sands'' and ''I Am a Camera'' -- a melancholy, stripped-down version of ''Into the Lens,'' which appeared on Drama -- are top-notch. Meanwhile, ''Lenny'' is a shot of adrenaline that could have fit nicely on Drama as well; actually, a good portion of that album is as much a Buggles recording as anything you'll find here, so to consider Adventures the second Buggles release would be unfair. Instead, Adventures and Drama should be seen as a collective statement. Buggles fans should look for the Japanese import of Adventures in Modern Recording (Flavour TFCK-87577), which has been remastered and includes unreleased tracks like the bubbly ''Fade Away'' and the unusual ''Blue Nylon,'' and a 12'' mix of ''I Am a Camera.'' Both of the Buggles albums still sound fresh, especially compared to the '90s unimaginative pop. The only disappointment here is that it is unlikely there will be further adventures for the Buggles.

Buggles' Biography

Jason Ankeny []

As the answer to the trivia question ''What was the first act ever played on MTV?'' Buggles assured their place in pop music history. Vocalist and bassist Trevor Horn and keyboardist Geoff Downes formed the electro-pop duo in England in 1979 after meeting two years prior as session musicians. Their first single, ''Video Killed the Radio Star,'' hit number one in the U.K. in late 1979. When MTV went on the air on August 1, 1981, the prophetically titled song's video was the first-ever broadcast on the fledgling cable network. Although Buggles enjoyed three more British hits -- ''The Plastic Age,'' ''Clean Clean,'' and ''Elstree'' -- both Horn and Downes were more interested in production than performing. In 1980, they helmed Yes' Drama, joining the group as replacements for Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson. After Yes' subsequent, momentary breakup, Downes signed on with Asia, while Horn co-founded the ZTT label, as well as the group Art of Noise, and produced hits for the likes of ABC, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Seal, among others. Horn and Downes, who had never toured as Buggles, occasionally performed under that name during the late '90s, 2000s, and 2010s.
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