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Axe - Living On The Edge [MCA Records 202 052-320] (1980)

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Living On The Edge

Released: 1980
Label: MCA Records
Catalog: 202 052-320
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
Note: German Pressing

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Living On The Edge
02 Fantasy Of Love
03 First Time, Last Time
04 Carry On
05 Running The Gauntlet
06 I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)
07 Just Walk Away
08 Let Me Know
09 Save Our Love
10 For A Little While
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Axe's Biography

William Ruhlmann []

Axe was a hard rock band from Florida, originally formed in the late '70s by former members of Babyface. The lineup had originally been Bobby Barth (guitar, lead vocals), Edgar Riley (keyboards, backing vocals), Mike Turpin (bass), and Bob Miles (drums). Later, Mike Osbourne was added as second guitarist, and Teddy Mueller replaced Miles on drums. They released three albums of polished pomp-metal, and reached the charts with their third, Offering, but Osbourne was killed in an automobile accident in 1984. After Axe disbanded, Barth joined Blackfoot before mounting Axe again late in the '80s with help from Andy Parker, formerly the drummer for UFO.
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