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Annie Haslam

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Annie Haslam - Annie In Wonderland [Sire SR-6046] (1977)

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Annie Haslam


Annie In Wonderland

Released: 1977
Label: Sire
Catalog: SR-6046
Pressing: Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Jacksonville
Genre: Rock, Pop, Folk, World, & Country

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Introlise / If I Were Made Of Music
02 I Never Believed In Love
03 If I Loved You
04 Hunioco
05 Rockalise
06 Nature Boy
07 Inside My Life
08 Going Home
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Album Review

Tomas Mureika []

While Renaissance started to veer from prog rock to new wave pop, Annie Haslam and Roy Wood concocted this little gem to hold over the prog fans. Annie in Wonderland is whimsical, fanciful, and verging on precious. One of the highlights is the Rodgers & Hammerstein classic ''If I Loved You'' (which acts as a precursor for Haslam's One Enchanted Evening album). It is interesting to compare the version of ''Nature Boy'' on this CD with her post-Moulin Rouge interpretation of the song on One Enchanted Evening. In both versions, Haslam gets right to the heart of this beautifully soulful song. Haslam brings the pipes, Wood makes sure to keep it weird -- and the result is something for early Renaissance fans who missed the band's far more interesting swing toward the mainstream. Interestingly, it would be 22 years before Haslam would release another solo album.

Annie Haslam's Biography

Jason Ankeny []

Best known for her long tenure as the vocalist for prog-rockers Renaissance, Annie Haslam was the product of a musical family -- her father was an amateur singer and comedian, and her brother Michael was a mid-60s rock'n'roller whose career was managed by Brian Epstein. Still, her earliest interest was fashion design; only while at university did Haslam begin singing, encouraged by friends after spontaneously performing a rendition of the Mary Hopkin hit ''Those Were the Days'' at a local pub. She soon began studying under opera singer Sybil Knight, and in late 1970 answered an advertisement in Melody Maker to become Renaissance's new vocalist. Haslam's crystalline, five-octave soprano remained the group's focal point throughout the remainder of their career; while still fronting the band she made her solo debut in 1977 with the Roy Wood-produced Annie in Wonderland, followed in 1985 by Still Life. Haslam's third solo effort, a self-titled album from 1989, was the first issued in the wake of Renaissance's dissolution as well as her last release for Epic; in its wake she relocated to the U.S., where in 1993 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her struggles became the inspiration behind 1994's Blessing in Disguise; Live Under Brazilian Skies followed five years later and Dawn of Ananda was issued in mid-2000.
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