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Andy Summers

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Andy Summers & Robert Fripp - I Advance Masked [A&M SP-4913] (1982)

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Andy Summers & Robert Fripp


I Advance Masked

Released: 1982
Label: A&M
Catalog: SP-4913
Genre: Progressive Rock

T R A C K L I S T:
01 I Advance Masked
02 Under Bridges Of Silence
03 China - Yellow Leader
04 In The Cloud Forest
05 New Marimba
06 Girl On A Swing
07 Hardy Country
08 The Truth Of Skies
09 Painting And Dance
10 Still Point
11 Lakeland / Aquarelle
12 Seven On Seven
13 Stultified
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Album Review

I Advance Masked is a 1982 album by English guitarists Andy Summers and Robert Fripp. It is the pair's first of two album collaborations and it consists of 13 instrumental tracks.

Summers and Fripp had met in Bournemouth in the early 1960s. Summers grew up in the town and was at the time the guitarist of the Zoot Money Big Roll Band. Fripp was attending Bournemouth College, where he had enrolled to study economics, economic history and political history. When Fripp and his band the Majestic Dance Orchestra secured their first regular gig at the Bournemouth Majestic Hotel, they replaced Zoot Money and Andy Summers who had just moved to London. Fripp and Summers remained friends over the years, and as soon as they had a break in the touring and recording schedules of their respective bands, King Crimson and The Police, they met for some jams that eventually led to an album. Fripp and Summers recorded at the Arnyís Shack studio in Parkstone, Dorset. According to Summers, the album was ''a synthesis of two guys who grew up playing guitar, heard the Beatles, listened to jazz, have been influenced by Oriental music and Steve Reich, but still happen to be playing in a rock context. Every track started the same way, just two guitars. On some of them I played a little bass or put on a bit of percussion or string synthesizer. There are no drums but you don't miss them. Some of it is very accessible and some is very avant-garde''. The cover painting is by American pop artist James Rizzi. The title track was released as a single with ''Hardy Country'' on the flip side. Fripp and Summers would go on to record a second album, Bewitched, in 1984. In contrast with I Advance Masked, Bewitched resulted in more of a pop-sounding record. According to Summers, this time the album was about two highly-skilled and educated guitarists ''meeting on a different mountain and learning how to work together. So much of guitar playing in this sort of situation is human psychology. How do I get the very best out of Robert Fripp in the studio? And we did it. Itís a balanced record.'' The only single from the album, ''Parade'', was supported by a music video but it failed to chart. []

Andy Summers - XYZ [MCA MCA-42007] (1987)

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Andy Summers



Released: 1987
Label: MCA
Catalog: MCA-42007
Genre: Rock
Note: Promotional Copy - Stamped On Back Cover

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Love Is The Strangest Way
02 How Many Days
03 Almost There
04 Eyes Of A Stranger
05 The Change
06 Scary Voices
07 Nowhere
08 XYZ
09 The Only Road
10 Hold Me
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Album Review

XYZ is a 1987 album by Andy Summers. It is the first solo album by Summers and the only one to feature his vocals, though an uncredited vocal by Summers appears on World Gone Strange. The title ''XYZ'' comes from the middle names of Summers's three children. His daughter Layla (born 1978) has the middle name 'Z', and his twin sons, Maurice and Anton, (born 1987) have the middle names 'X' and 'Y' respectively. The album was recorded in 1986 at Devo's studio in Los Angeles, California. The cover portrait is by Anton Corbijn. []

Andy Summers' Biography

Andrew James Somers (born 31 December 1942) known professionally as Andy Summers, is an English guitarist who was a member of the rock band The Police. Summers has recorded solo albums, collaborated with other musicians, composed film scores, and exhibited his photography in galleries.

Summers' professional career began in the mid-1960s in London as guitarist for the British rhythm and blues band Zoot Money's Big Roll Band, which eventually came under the influence of the psychedelic scene and evolved into the acid rock group Dantalian's Chariot. He is one of the ''two main love interests'' in Jenny Fabian and Johnny Byrne's 1969 book Groupie, in which he is given the pseudonym ''Davey''.

After the demise of Dantalion's Chariot, Summers joined The Soft Machine for three months and toured the United States. For a brief time in 1968, he was a member of The Animals, then known as Eric Burdon and the Animals, with whom he recorded one album, Love Is. The album features a recording of Traffic's ''Coloured Rain'', which includes a guitar solo by Summers which runs a full 4 minutes and 15 seconds. To ensure he ended at the right place, Zoot Money kept count throughout the solo and gave him the cue out at bar 189. The LP also included a reworked version of Dantalion's Chariot's sole single ''Madman Running Through the Fields''.

After five years in Los Angeles, mostly spent at California State University, Northridge, he returned to London with his American girlfriend Kate Lunken.

In London, Summers recorded and toured with acts including Kevin Coyne, Jon Lord, Joan Armatrading, David Essex, Neil Sedaka and Kevin Ayers. In 1975 he participated in an orchestral rendition of Mike Oldfield's seminal ''Tubular Bells''.

In 1977, Summers was invited by ex-Gong bassist Mike Howlett to join his band Strontium 90, but was soon coaxed away by future Police bandmates Sting and Stewart Copeland. []
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